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DATA SHEET. PA-1041-81IL-LF. 40W Adapter. ▫ 12V 40W AC/DC Adapter. ▫ Universal AC Input. ▫ 47-63Hz. Input frequency. ▫ Fully enclosed plastic case.

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DATA SHEET. PA-1041-81IL-LF. 40W Adapter. ▫ 12V 40W AC/DC Adapter. ▫ Universal AC Input. ▫ 47-63Hz. Input frequency. ▫ Fully enclosed plastic case.

1211 AIR WAY • GLENDALE, CA 91201-2497 • 818-247-6000 • FAX 818-500-9912 ... Max. M .135 (3.43). Cable. Range .880 (22.35). 45° & 90°. Style II.

M20-97703XX. M20-9770446. M20-97705XX. M20-9770646. M20-97707XX. M20-97708XX. M20-9770946. M20-9771046. M20-9771146. M20-9771246. M20-9771646. M20-9771846.

Diameter. Weight. Minimum Bend Radius. Operating Temperature. Tensile Strength. Bending Moment. Flat Plate Crush. Storage Temp. Mechanical Properties. dB/ft.

The M67 is a double balanced mixer, designed for use in military, commercial and test equipment applications. The design utilizes. Schottky ring quad diodes and ...

LED. With Voltage Reduction Unit. Without Voltage Reduction Unit. 4. Contacts ... The Operation Unit of A22E exept models with EMO/EMS indication is red. CM7V–T1A 32.768kHz 12.5pF +/-20ppm. TA QC. CL Load Capacitance ... T1A-32.768k-12.5pF-10PPM-TA-QA CM7V-T1A-32.768k-12.5pF-20PPM-TC-QA ...

7M. MHz Crystal. Rev. 1.08. Page 1 16 ~ 20 MHz. 60 Max. 20 ~ 64 MHz. 50 Max. 80 Max. 12 ~ 16 MHz. 80 Max. 80 ~ 114 MHz.

DESCRIPTION. The GM-A is a cost-efficient digital readout that works with amplified (0 V to 5 V or 4 mA to 20 mA) transducers or transmit-.

Minimized connector form variations. • Mini and Micro consolidated into Micro USB 3.0. USB 2.0. USB 3.0 USB 3.0 Connectors.

The Cypress CYW20706 is a monolithic, single-chip, Bluetooth 4.2 + HS compliant SOC, comprising a baseband processor, an ARM.

15351 West 109th Street | Lenexa, KS 66219 | Phone: 913.782.7787 | Fax: 913.782.6991 | PARAMETERS. CONDITIONS. CSM-3X. UNITS.

UL listed (#E50394) and CSA certified (#LR3902). For quantities greater than listed, ... MIDCOM/WURTH ELECTRONICS Transformers ... 919-R-525.0PA. R-525.0PA.

The SY10/100E171 offer three 4:1 multiplexers with differential outputs, designed for use in new, high- performance ECL systems. The leading 4-bit multiplexer.

Embase à collerette carrée avec raccord simple. Square flange receptacle with backnut. Encombrements / Dimensions. 00 E. HE 301 B 00 E. MS 3110 E. 00 R.

26 окт. 2020 г. ... CUZ Series. Applications. Voltage surge protection. Features. • Small package. • The typical voltage of VZ is accorded to E24 series.

Maxi-Mox. Precision Thick Film Axial Terminal ... MOX-1-12. 250Ω to 300,000M. 2.5W. 10.0KV. 1% to 20%. 0.75. MOX-2-12. 500Ω to 700,000M.

Our smallest form factor USB-C to serial adaptor. • High retention USB connector for an unshakeable connection. • Comes with 1m USB-B to USB-C cable.

Standard packing: Carton 100 pcs., Case 500 pcs. 1a/1c 5A/10A small power relays. JQ RELAYS. Nominal coil voltage. Standard type. High capacity type.

made the LTA-Series appeal to a wide range of markets. ... LTA110-PB-B-R/125N LTA200-TR-B/125N LTA201-PB-B-A/12V LTA201-TA-W/250N LTA201-PB-B-A/28V LTA201-.

Mini-Mox. Precision Thick Film Axial Terminal. High Voltage/High Resistance. Ohmite. Resistance. Voltage. Available Capacitance. Series. Range (Ohms).

599 Series. MicroLED® SMD LED, Single Color 1206 Package. 3.2 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.7 mm. Certifications & Ratings. • RoHS compliant. Features & Benefits.

27 мар. 2019 г. ... Operating instructions for piezobrush®PZ2 handheld device. Series/Type: piezobrush®PZ2 - prototypes. Ordering code: Z63000Z2910Z1Z62.

21 мая 2014 г. ... The GLK19264A-7T-1U provides a DB-9 Connector to readily ... R v8.0. New text is written over the top line when the end of the screen is ...

#06 CONTACT (DATA ON PAGE 255). (For alternate contact choices, see group D on page 248). SPECIFY CONTACT FINISH: 01 200 μ” TIN/LEAD OVER NICKEL. 80 200 μ” ...


Outstanding Performance, 14mm Diameter, Small Size, Drop-in Replacement! NEW! ERZ-E14 Series. Radial Leaded Disc ZNR® Transient / Surge Absorber (Metal Oxide ...

20 июл. 2006 г. ... The application circuit examples in this publication are provided to explain the representative applications of.

FEATURES. •. AMR based integrated current sensor. •. Superior Range & Accuracy. 0.6% typical total error @25°C (MCR1101-20-3).

Part number examples: PS6KV50-103A3030: PS6 model with K rotor, V50 mounting type, 10K ohm resistive value, linear taper and 30% tolerance.

PH2 = Dual Row,. Straight. PH2RA = Dual Row,. Right Angle. PH3 = Three Row,. Straight. PH3RA = Three Row,. Right Angle. POSITIONS. PH1: 1 thru 40.

The PICASO is a custom embedded graphics controller designed to interface with many popular OLED and LCD display panels. Powerful graphics, text, image, ...

lithium-ion/polymer battery charger IC, designed to oper- ate from a DC power source or USB port up to an input voltage of 7.5V. It requires just one ...

Mouser Electronics. Authorized Distributor. Click to View Pricing, Inventory, Delivery & Lifecycle Information: ADAM TECH: FWC-C-S-RA-SMT.

28 апр. 2021 г. ... The MP2696A integrates three battery-charging ... Analog Voltage Output IB Pin for Battery ... VIN = 5V, ICHG = 2.5A, DCR = 6.5mΩ.

MEAN WELL: HBG-240-60 HBG-240-48B HBG-240-24 HBG-240-24A HBG-240-36A HBG-240-36B HBG-240-60B HBG-240-. 48A HBG-240-36 HBG-240-48 HBG-240-24B HBG-240-60A.

WIMA MP 3-X2. Metallized Paper (MP) RFI-Capacitors Class X2 in PCM 10 mm to 22.5 mm. Capacitances from 1000 pF to 0.33 mF. Rated Voltages 250 VAC and 275 ...

n.a.. mA. RS232 Supply external. Imax VProg. 50. n.a.. n.a. ... 17) In the “Resistance” area is the OTP Fuse resistance Information of all Customer Bits.

KBL. Features. UL Recognized File # E-96005. Ideal for printed circuit board. Reliable low cost construction. High surge current capability.

For more information on Backshells visit • or email: [email protected]. 26482. Ma trix 2. II.

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