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—A za bran ca. specio sa Gm. —. Pomba trocal. rufin a Temm. ... rica e vã ... orchidea terrestre commum n a campin a é o Epiden drum caespito sum Barb.

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—A za bran ca. specio sa Gm. —. Pomba trocal. rufin a Temm. ... rica e vã ... orchidea terrestre commum n a campin a é o Epiden drum caespito sum Barb.

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THE HONO R EDITION of the. Southern Campus is given by the Associated Students of the. University of California at Los. Angeles to the men and women.

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broth, potatoes cut in I inch squares, salt, pepper,a little paprika ... Centenary Festival at the Crystal Palace. , Sydenham, ... teaspoon chili powder.

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p lan atory n otes. A s to the order in which the P arts of ... o therwise that P ron oun or Adverb is emphasised. ... furo ga hijo ui atsukuto mam.

porce la in, g old-dust ... ve ra l wa rds a nd be in g t he cit yle g isla t ure. , ma ke b ... due t o be ke pt to your powe r : and t ha t we ll.

b y the speech of in dividua ls of other bran ches of the tribe whom I have me t, ... THE Yao language was first written b ... ~GUMI LA.

des öffen tlich en Leben s durch die Hän de der Ar beiter der Übersetzun gsstelle ... ja bl y k jabl yn a apelcyn a ap teka ap tekar kra sawik ra bo ta.

of the ri ghts of nations. Lond. , [1915. D626 . G3B55. 1915. M in. d e la just. Réponse a u Li vre blanc allema nd du 10ma i 1915.

Tam bem houve outra razão para fe dividir o círculo em. 360 parz tes e fo i por fer eRe num ero m edio entre os dias do anno fola r biffex to, q ue são 3.

peut dire que ses seules défaites o nt fait presque ... Tragédie paro isse nt s ur le Théatre de Londres. ... u n zele fa ta l tout le camp a ve u glé.

35 E ximium fa cia nt et tela volan tia stridunt. ... Con silium celebra nt buma ni corporis a rtus etc. Bla tt 392 395V ... 0 a lgun a zele fa ra bia.

restat ut R. Koehlero viro doctisaimo. , qui aditum ad the sauros bibliothecae Vimariensis summa mihi beni gn itate et in dul gen tia patefecit.

PATH O N T HE RAINBOW. AN ANTHOLOGY OF S ONGS AND CHANTS ... What horse is trying to catch me ! What horse is trying to catch me!

terem u ma litteratura sua antes de ser:m naç ã o independente. ... Disser taç ão i naugu ra l sobre a medi cação rc r u lsiva.

La amiko parolas. 2. Cevalo kuras. 3. La éevalo kuras. 4. La suno brilas. S. ... parison is obtame d by use of the accusative case ... they beat his head.

Descendants of William Frost of Oyster Bay, N. Y. Frost Family, ... Frost. Daniel Wright Frost. David Frost. David Frost ... Havi land is on his w ay out.

There is also a célado n more generally known und erthename o f starch blue ... figures of the vase, we incline rather to recognise the alpaca, with its.

the whole range Of the so-called Greek Mythology, ... for him to accept so much Of the existing narratives as ... It is from the HIMA LA Moun.

adjac e n t Pro vin ce s w e re ... Kaira,. (Sta ge s) . To Rau n poor ... Kaira. Ahme dabad . Poorbun de r. No wan uggu r. De e sa. De e sa (Cam.

Ba c ki n g. —A New. Ba n d. —To Atta ch Cu sp to. Bicuspi d ... Ke nn ey. D e gen e r a cy. fiTe e th i n Rela tion to . ... Porce la i n Cr own -.

Studie d unde r Mtchallo n and Victo r Be rlln. , and the n ... a vale t se ate d o n the gro und ke e ps watch ... LA CQUE R ON PORCE LA IN .

Keket, and Hathor. 1. 2. As a man Wi th the head of a frog, ... of the deceased in the Underworld, and the terms of this agree ment are expressed with all ...

nicus lectured in Rome during the year Of the j ubilee ... barber, sent for the basin from his Shop. Thus the pope was washed, and since there was.

li. Dwi raka. , the m odern Ila- pura. , the city of 115 ... very rem o te ages when the Rajas o f Cho ta Nagpore first ... This is the god Gumi Gosain.

nam reg nav erit haec frans non tam lon gaevi tunc essemus neque sani. ... The Fichtelberg is haunted by a wood- Sprite named the Ka lzen.

s upera ria 4 1 5,t aria T 6, jertu s oriu m V ... cit o egres s i pen t omen : circu mcisio pen u ceo : ru b eo. 225 pen e ... Troas : Troian i.

Ga r. R a ndal—. T he heir of Mehti i. —Pa triotism of R a j Singh of ... Decem vira te, Greece seems to ha ve been in debted to India ... lMa n n ing.

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