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In this article we establish a new affine Pólya–Szegö type inequality which strength- ... Equality holds in (47) for any function having the form.

I@HA for some P CI@MHA, d jX Ta H. We assume that the Levi form vx ... j; t zjzt C R@zA C O@jzjj jA C O@j jPA C O@j@z; AjQA; where R@zA a O@jzjPA,.

SUM RULES AND THE SZEG˝O CONDITION. 3. Theorem 1 is an analog for the real line of a seventy-year old theorem for orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle:.

Let D be a bounded domain in Cn with a smooth boundary. Let E(D) be the space of holomorphic functions in D with the topology of uniform convergence on ...

the Fekete-Szeg˝o inequalities for Mα ... (i) For 0 = γ ∈ C, λ = 0 and α = 0, the class Mα ... sharp bound of the Fekete-Szeg˝o functional |a3 − µa2.

47. 7.3. Szegö kernel asymptotics on some tube domains ... Let (X, T1,0X) be a CR manifold of hypersurface type and dimension 2n − 1, n ≥ 2. Let.

Integral inequalities of Grüss type obtained via Pólya-Szegö and ... applications for trapezoid formula, Tamkang J. of Math., 31(1) (2000), 43-47.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary 47B35; Secondary 45M05, 47B10, 58J50. Key words and phrases. Szeg˝o-type trace asymptotics, Wiener–Hopf ...

F¨ulöp,Zoltán (H-SZEG-C); Muzamel, Lor ánd (H-SZEG-C). Circularity, composition, and decomposition results for pebble macro tree transducers.

Initial Taylor-Maclaurin coefficient bounds and the Fekete-Szegö ... Throughout this paper, let ψ be an analytic function such that Re[ψ(z)] > 0, (z ∈ U).

these Szegö type operators and the partial sum of Taylor series on ... 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 30H10; Secondary 47B38,.

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